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::Autumn Seasonal::

33 Page PDF Digital Download:: ((Available internationally))


A curated collection of Autumnal recipes // remedies // rituals.


Inspired by the connections to medicines & traditions, this Autumn Seasonal includes:

-Grounding & Nourishing Recipes

-Elemental Understandings & Ayurveda

-Herbalism & Homemade Remedies:: Autumn Bitters Blend

-Digestive Health

-Dreamwork & Herbs That Assist Liminal States of Being

-Archetypes of Autumn

-Ancestor Altars

-Watercolor Art, Poetry, & Pleasure


This Autumn Seasonal is an invitation to be inspired in heart and hearth by the rooted gifts of autumn. It sings of slower nights gathered around the table with loved ones, rejoicing in the rituals of sharing food & memory. Threaded with plants, stories, & a generous dusting of cinnamon, it is a collection of connection to the Earth. Above all, this Autumn Seasonal is an ode to the simple & delicious ways we have celebrated life since time immemorial.

May you find what nourishes you.


xxKearsley Tate


* Mutual Aid is built within the tapestry of Kearsley's Kitchen. A portion of sales goes directly to those in need in my local community of Asheville, NC*


Buyers will receive links to download their Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed copy. Printing a hold in your hands copy can be done by going to staples or downloading a free copy of adobe & selecting "booklet" in the print option.

Autumn Seasonal //DIGITAL Recipe, Remedy, & Ritual Collection


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