Chef Kearsley

Enjoy only the best of local, seasonal, and organically farmed and wild foraged food at your table. Chef Kearsley creates delicious menus for farm to table dinners, private homes, & special gatherings, retreats, and celebrations. 

From past events


Celebrating Culture

From the Farm

Roasted Radish / Chili Infused Local Honey / Smoked Flaky Salt / Wild Greens / Edible Flowers


Heirloom Oaxacan Blue Corn Masa Harina / Spring Water

Mole Negro Oaxaqueño 

Pasture Raised Chicken / Chilis / Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao / Blistered Padron / Grilled Pineapple

La Crema

 Horchata Custard / Chokecherry Coulis / Mexican Corn Cake / Cinnamon

Locally Farmed & Foraged 

Wild Flours & Flowers

Wild Greens Salad / Chickweed / Calendula / Goldenrod Sourdough/ Citrus Vinaigrette 


Heirloom South Carolina Polenta / Bone Broth /

Shaved Parmesan 

From the Farm

Pasture Raised Chicken / Cider Braised Nettles / Roasted Chestnut / Griddled Apple / Blackberry Wojape


Sweet Birch Cake / Maple Buttercream/ 

 Acorn Flour / Wild Rose