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Mother Mammal

Nourishing the Animal Body of A New Mother
Wednesdays  4-6 pm EST //  August - November 2024

3-month course exploring postpartum nourishment at the intersection of food, nutrition, culture, herbalism, & ceremony

Learn how to nourish a new mother on many levels


"The wellbeing of  mothers is the fabric from which the future of our society is made"  Dr. Oscar Serrallach 


I love feeding women, mothers, & families.


Some of the most important work I do is crafting beautiful, restorative, and delicious meals to support the threshold of pregnancy- especially after the big moment of birth. As a Chef and Women's Health Educator, I love to combine my skill for developing lick-the-bowl food with other delicious forms of care to truly support a mother postpartum.  Cross-culturally, the postpartum period is regarded as an important time to nourish and  rest the body. Certain foods, herbal remedies, healing touch, and vital rituals have been carried through the generations to support a mother. The quality of care a postpartum mother receives  lays  a foundation of wellness for the rest of their life. 


 I believe that nourishment includes restoring the body with nutrition & herbs but must also be widened to hold things like the pleasure of delicious flavor, sensation of healing touch, and  the deep witnessing and creation of threshold marking ceremonies.


 At this historical  juncture for both humanity and the Earth, I believe  that the  mammalian need for postpartum care must meet the physiology of the body AND the ceremonial needs of the spirit. Flavor married to nutrition.  Ritual married to physiology. Beauty making in every step.

   As we draw upon the well of ancestral wisdom for guidance, we will forge a  path of postpartum care that also shapes around what is needed for the times we are living in. I call this approach ancestral living in modern times and it's a theme that brings flexibility and context to the material we'll discuss.  I've poured finger-licking recipes, foundational frameworks, & experience I've gained as a postpartum chef & practitioner into 3 months of classes, hands- on work, deep council & yes, art. Forever, always, beauty.

Come to learn how to cook, craft remedies, develop menus, & deepen your understanding of what both care and nourishment mean.

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Immersive classes

Mothering the Mother (3)_edited.png

Recipes + Cooking demos

Personalized Support

Mother Mammal

is a place to be held in your raw, honest, inquiries around  postpartum care, mothering in the modern world, & what true, lasting nourishment looks & tastes like.

Some questions we will orbit include:

  • When & how do I incorporate meat after birth?

  • What would it feel like to ENJOY cooking for myself & others?

  • How can I customize my recipes, remedies, & rituals for each person?

  • What would a nutritionally and deliciously rounded menu look like? 

  • What rituals or ceremonies can I create to mark this meaningful passage?

  • How do I accommodate for  digestive, hormonal, or  thyroid challenges?

I believe that  a large piece of how we might make our way back to honoring the sacred is housed in the flesh of mothers. Postpartum caregiving invites our gaze to the origins of humanity, & to the  powerful thresholds all of us pass through.  What we feed new mothers & the way we curate a safe & supportive nest for them matters.  It doesn't have to be perfect, and there will surely be fumbles along the way, but every step in that direction counts.

  This course is a deep exploration full of perspectives, approaches, techniques, skills, & hands-on experiences that will create a foundation of confidence to serve your family, yourself, and/or your wider community.

This is sacred work.

Are you ready to join us around the table?

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A Taste of What We'll Explore

Hormonal Dance
Physiology of Postpartum
Depletion vs. Depression
Baby Brain

Thyroid & Anemia
Lymphatic Health


The Animal Body

Sprays, Tea, & Baths
Mother's Milk
Oiling & Touch
Herbal Ghees 
Vehicles of Healing
Herbal Compresses




Well Fed

Postpartum Nutrition 
Digestion & Metabolism

Foundational Foods
Spice Medicine
Stock vs Broth


Ancestral Ways
Birth & Death
Weaving Webs of Care
The Modern Mother
Beauty, Art, & Ritual
Birth Amid Collapse

You're in the right place if

You want to learn about postpartum food from someone who can break down heady topics like nutrition into something that you'll easily understand and remember.

✵ You crave information, language, frameworks, AND skills to practice for postpartum care.

✵ You want a combination of study, hands-on classes, & embodiment practices to really get into the material

✵ You know it doesn't have to be perfect, that its ok to make mistakes , AND that you don't need to be an expert to offer the human art of postpartum care

✵ You are pregnant wanting to know how to set up your own plan of care, OR a professional or budding birth worker craving deeper understanding, OR anyone who wants more resources to take care of yourself + friends/partners/ others after birth

You want to unpack how individualism and capitalistic culture challenge a sense of community on personal and collective levels


 You want to expand your repertoire of healing and flavor recipes & remedies plus feel confident developing a meal plan.


✵ You believe that nourishment isn’t just about food- and are curious about ecology, spirituality, mysticism, myth, & the power of things like hope & rest


✵ You want to feel confident making choices that support the mammalian design of the body & meet the ceremonial needs of the spirit.

You honor that each body is different but want to understand  *why* one healing food or herb might be great for one person but terrible for someone else.

✵ You know that postpartum depression and postnatal depletion have been normalized but are NOT NORMAL- and you want to understand root causes.


✵ You value & are excited to participate in self-inquiry practices like journaling, mirroring, and council.

✵ You seek intimacy, art, beauty, connection, and poeticism in an online container

✵ You  respect &  make space for diverse identities, bodies, & perspectives to be celebrated.


"Attending Mother Mammal with Kearsley was a fabulous gift I offered myself. Her facilitation style is clear, kind, and woven with poetic attunement. I loved the format of the course, weaving information and intimate sharing. A spectacular blend of high quality discussions about food, kitchens, community and how we can support mothers. Any person who is interested in supporting a mother of any kind (especially for themselves or as a non-professional), will gain valuable knowledge from this course! "

Krista H



What You Recieve:


  • 3 month long container held by Kearsley Tate

  • 12  2-hour Zoom calls each Wednesday 

  • Hands- On Classes

  • Cooking Demos

  • Recipe & Remedy Guidebook

  • Course Documents to Help You Stay Organized

  • Visual Learning Tools 

  • Council Sessions & Deep Witnessing

  • Live Q&A During Class

  • Class Recordings

  • Weekly Prompts & Practices for Deepening Inquiry

  • Intimate WhatsApp Group  for 3 Months

  • Resource List for Continued Learning

  • Handmade Art Print for your Altarpiece

  • Feedback and Support Developing Menus

*Bonus* Ayurveda & Food Document

*Bonus* Guest Teacher Anja Robinson of Mana Medicinals

*Bonus* Belly Birth Repair Class 

Course Format:


This course meets on Wednesdays from August 21st- till  November 20th from 4-6 pm EST. We will not be meeting on September 18th


  • August 21

  • August 28

  • September 4th 

  • September 11th

  • September 25th

  • October 2nd

  • October 9th

  • October 16th

  • October 23rd

  • October 30

  • November 6th

  • November 13th



Early Bird // $750-$999 Early Bird  Open Until July 26th
(Regular Price //  $1000-$1222)
I recognize the difference in access and equity to resources and offer this program on a sliding scale with payment plan options *at no extra charge* to accommodate for that. 

$150/ month: Please select this range if you have limited access to resources like stable housing, savings, a car, employment, need this price point to make it work, or are a BIPOC member of our community.

$177/ month: This is the median range that covers the cost of Mother Mammal. Please select this if you have access to resources like consistent work, stable housing, expendable income to buy things like books, clothes, concert tickets, and consistently can afford your basic needs.

$200/ month: Please select this price range if you can afford to support this program without risking your basic needs getting met, come from a financially stable situation, afford annual time off from work, have a savings cushion, and/or if you own property such as a home, rental, or land.
Scholarships are available for BIPOC at a 50% discount and for single moms and folks with disabilities at a 40% discount.Click the link below to apply  (Scholarship Applications Open Until July 31st)

Meet the Facilitator


 I'm Kearsley and I am a postpartum chef, practitioner, author and educator. Years ago I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder that led me down a shape-shifting path of learning how to radically care for myself. Guided by many great mentors and a reverential relationship with the Earth, I forged a way of living rooted in seasonal, local, & creative living. I've known what deep exhaustion feels like and I also know the slow, steady path of courting vitality back. It is now my greatest pleasure to pour that lived experienced into the hearts and homes of other women, mothers, and those who care for them. My approach to postpartum wellness is multi-faceted because I know that true wellness is an estuary fed by many rivers.  Beauty is at the heart of it all.


I call a cozy cabin home in a small valley at the base of the Black Mountains my home. It is a humble place filled with extraordinary people & hemlocks that give me reason to believe in hope.

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Guest Teacher

Anja Robinson
Founder of Mana Medicinals


Anja is the founder of Mana Medicinals, a small business supporting Women’s Health with an emphasis on Plant Medicine, Ancestral Nutrition, Prenatal and Postpartum care and helping Mothers and families to THRIVE.   

Anja will be sharing her expertise as a Lymphatic Breast Specialist, Clinical Herbalist,  Innate  Postpartum Care Provider, & Apprenticing Midwife  in Mother Mammal for 2 classes (you don't want to miss these!)

She currently lives and practices on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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  • How do you describe your style of cooking?
    My style of food can best be described as local and seasonal. Many of the ingredients I source come from local farmers markets or have been wildcrafted in the area known as Asheville, NC, ancestral home of the Tsalaguwetiyi. I am also deeply inspired by traditional cooking methods, metabolically & nutritionally dense foods, & hyper-local cuisine that connects people to place through the plate. The dining experiences I offer are spiced with my values for local ecosystems and economies, deep nourishment, & flavors rich in story. For my postpartum services, my style of cooking can be described as hyper local, nutritionally dense, warming, Ayurvedic, & crafted to restore the body after birth.
  • What do you charge?
    The cost of working varies depending on factors like the type of support needed, size of group, menu choice, & location. Reach out to me through my contact form to request a quote and we can begin planning something delicious together. If I have to hire on servers or food service professionals to support your event, there is an extra charge of $25/hour for servers. I have a $475 minimum fee for all private dining events
  • How do I book you?
    Send me an email through my contact form and please include the date, number of people, & occasion of your special dining experience. I will reach out to you soon after with a seasonal menu and we can create something special from there! Once we settle on the details, I require a 50% deposit to secure the date. Due to the nature of scheduling work as a Private Chef many weeks in advance, there is a $100 non-refundable fee included in your deposit.
  • How many people can you accomodate?
    I prefer to cook for families or parties of 15 or less, though I can accommodate for groups of up to 25.
  • Do you travel?
    Yes! I will travel by car up to 2 hours driving distance from Asheville, NC. Fees are totaled based on distance and mileage. I am also available to fly to your home or event space and share delicious meals for retreats and special events. Let's talk!
  • How can I prepare my home for a Private Chef?
    A clean kitchen, clear dishwasher, and available stovetop are my three main requests for working in any kitchen. I bring my own cooking supplies but I prefer to plate food using the plates and utensils in the home. If you do not have the number of dishes needed- that's ok! Let me know and I'll take care to bring enough for everyone.
  • Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
    Re-Schedule: Rescheduling dates must be done 5 days prior to schedule date and may result in a service charge. I do my best to accommodate flexible plans and find a date to dine together. Cancellation: In the event that you need to cancel, your initial deposit will be kept. If you cancel within 72 hours of the event, Kearsley's Kitchen retains up to 30% of your fee to cover the cost of ingredients and materials already purchased for your event. Thank you for understanding.
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