Hi, I'm Kearsley Tate Schweller
I'm the Bioregional Chef,
Folk Herbalist, & Writer of

Kearsley's Kitchen

I am mused by a profound romance with food, story, land, and nurturance. I weave together various culinary & folk traditions into meals made from locally farmed & foraged ingredients. 


I share seasonal meals and musings by way of private small scale catering, classes, and stocking my online apothecary with wildcrafted herbal elixirs & self published seasonal cookbooks. My favorite places to share food are in the homes of postpartum mothers and in the wild for nature-based retreats, elopements, and gatherings, though I also find lots of enjoyment working as a Private Chef in the homes of those who value laughter and local seasonal fare. 

I'm grateful for the opportunities to study and practice in person with many mentors who's thumbprints are on my skill sets and skillets. I especially thank the women at Goddess Ghee for sharing years of nourishing fat sermons with me in the kitchen, the now retired Dr. Vinod of Ayuskama Ayurveda in India for teaching me the ways of elemental care for women, and Rebecca Beyer of Blood and Spicebush for deepening my passion for bioregional wildcrafting, rewilding, and tending a connection to my Germanic and Celtic ancestry.

 My way of life can be best described as the "slow simmer" - a delicate balance between actively engaging in my work and savoring the simple joys of life like wandering the woods, reading fiction, building fires in my backyard, & exploring the art of symbolism through dreams, tarot, & earth-based ritual. 

 Though I travel often for pleasure & purpose, I know home to be in the soft rolling mountains of Southern Appalachia on the land of the Tsalaguwetiyi (Eastern Cherokee).

Thank you for joining me here, 

May your bread be well buttered

and stories rich with laughter,

Stay Nourished,

Kearsley Tate


Photography by Connor Burkesmith