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Postpartum Care


Nourishing mama & family during the postpartum period is sacred work


 The first precious weeks & months following birth are a time for warmth, care, and quiet. The birth process opens the body to it's wildest capacities and undoubtedly requires every ounce of a mother. After the full on journey to bring life into the world a mama needs rest. Since time immemorial there has been reverent attention paid to the care of new mothers & families. Many traditions believe that the postpartum period lays a foundation for the rest of one's life. As much as possible, it is important to slow down and cocoon. It is a time to lean into support while you rejuvenate. One of the most important parts of postpartum care is a consistent & supportive diet of warm nourishing food and herbs. 


Postpartum care is vital across all cultures.

Somewhere along all of our ancestral lines, hopefully not too far back, there were those who knew what to give new mothers. There were those who picked flowers & simmered roots into all kinds of steams, teas, & baths. There were those who knew which spices to grind into bowls of cooked grains to support the flow of breast milk, which flowers help soothe the womb, & how to simmer richly restorative broths. These traditions are a delicate art that lay the foundation for postpartum & lifelong wellbeing.


The dietary needs of a new mama are special.  The entire body is in a sensitive state after birth. It takes time to close up the womb, rekindle the digestive fire, & build back up the stores of vitality used to usher life in to the world. There is a greater need for nutrient dense, easily digestible, & warm foods particularly. Although there used to be a clear set of recipes, remedies, & rituals each culture had in place to take care of a new mama, for many that wisdom now feels faded in the background of modernity. Even when we have established networks of support in our communities, whether it be a meal train, group thread, or caring mother who stays with us after birth, the truth is, many people just don't know what to feed a new mother. Many people don't know about the unique needs of someone who just gave birth. 

That's where I come in to support.

 As a Postpartum Chef & Herbalist

I specialize in tending the sensitive needs of new mothers through nourishing meals & herbal medicines.

I have spent years studying Ayurveda, herbalism, food traditions, & women's medicine. I have apprenticed myself to the path of the Mama Bear, learning and polishing my innate gifts for nurturing and nourishing.  While you or your family are giving insurmountable attention to your bundle of joy, let me help take care of you. I offer my Mama Bear Postpartum Care to the community in and around Asheville, NC on the territory of the Tsalaguwetiyi // Eastern Cherokee 

Mama Bear Postpartum Care

I offer deeply restorative postpartum care in the form of meal delivery and at home cooking.


 Just Mamas Delivery:  A week by week meal & medicine delivery service. This package is just for mamas/birthing folks and is a supplemental array of broths, soups, restorative snacks, & a few meals that are delivered to your door. This option tends to cover around 3 days of food per week for one person.

Cost includes groceries + delivery + jar pickup later. 

Full Care:  Want to receive supplemental meals for mama + more homecooked food for the family? This is your care package where the aroma of nourishment wafts from within your own kitchen.  I bring the best of my family caregiving & postpartum chef/herbalist tools to the comfort of your home with a 1x/week visit for about 2-5 hours. This care can extend for as many weeks as you'd like and includes: 

in home cooking for the whole family, grocery shopping/sourcing local foods, light house care like laundry, holding baby while you eat/shower/journal/ nap, & providing  pre-made broths, soups, snacks, & elixirs I'll craft in my kitchen ahead of time. 

Offerings for packages include an array of organic and locally sourced meals made to restore the body, build up energy, promote breast milk, & provide comfort. I deeply believe in supporting a small scale & localized food economy and prioritize sourcing as much of my ingredients as possible from local farmers and growers.  Produce will often be coming from the local farmers market and animal products often come from my neighbors down the street or trusted farmers who raise their animals on pasture. I'm also happy to work with your family's grocery budget to craft a menu that suits your needs. 

Nourishing food begins with quality ingredients and extends into

time honored techniques of cooking.

My style of cooking is best described as a slow simmer- I like to do things the old and slow way, ensuring every meal is crafted with care. Following in the Nourishing Traditions path, I tend to small details like soaking all grains or nuts & only working with unrefined sugars like raw honey & maple syrup. Real delicious & real honest food that our grandmothers would recognize- that's how I work. My support is best suited for mamas and families open to eating nourishing animal based meals & I can also comfortably accommodate for gluten free, sugar free, & lactose free diets along with any other sensitives to particular ingredients, like beans . Due to the nature of my work and core value for deep nourishment, I do not take on vegan or vegetarian clients.

Rest easy, you've done such amazing work,

I'm here to help.

Let's talk about nurturing you.

"Kearsley supported me for 3 months postpartum. I adored her warm presence and how I could rely on her food to always be nourishing, locally sourced, and interwoven with healing herbs in a truly beautiful and delicious way. Being nourished to this level was an absolute blessing- every mother deserves such care & I recommend her with a full heart (& belly!)" 

::Ash Cheney::

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