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Prenatal & Postpartum Care


Nourishing the body & soul during the postpartum period is sacred work.

The first precious weeks & months following birth are a time for warmth, care, and quiet. The birth process opens the body to it's wildest capacities and undoubtedly requires every ounce of a mother. After the full on journey to bring life into the world a mama needs rest. Since time immemorial there has been reverent attention paid to the care of new mothers & families. Many traditions believe that the postpartum period lays a foundation for the rest of one's life. As much as possible, it is important to slow down and cocoon. It is a time to lean into support while you rejuvenate.


One of the most important parts of postpartum care is a consistent & supportive diet of warm nourishing food and herbs. 

Prenatal & postpartum care is vital across all cultures.

Somewhere along all of our ancestral lines, hopefully not too far back, there were those who knew what to give new mothers. There were those who picked flowers & simmered roots into all kinds of steams, teas, & baths. There were those who knew which foods help baby grow healthily, which spices to grind into bowls of cooked grains to support the flow of breast milk, which flowers help soothe the womb, & how to simmer richly restorative broths. These traditions are a delicate art that lay the foundation for a healthy pregnancy, restorative postpartum, & lifelong vitality.


The dietary needs after birth are special.

When someone becomes pregnant, the entire body adapts to meet the growing needs of another human. Think about it- an entire baby has to be crafted from what the Mother already has! Modern nutrition advice is unfortunately bereft of the wisdom that traditional cultures have cherished as a generations long proven form of wellbeing. Science is just now catching up, but there has been a whirl of confusion. 


 It takes particular nutrients to build a baby's brain, to prepare and then close up the womb, rekindle the digestive fire, & build back up the stores of vitality used to usher life in to the world. There is a greater need for nutrient dense, easily digestible, & warm foods particularly. Although there used to be a clear set of recipes, remedies, & rituals each culture had in place to take care of a new mama, for many that wisdom now feels faded in the background of modernity. Even when we have established networks of support in our communities, whether it be a meal train, group thread, or caring mother who stays with us after birth, the truth is, many people just don't know what to feed a new mother. Many people don't know about the unique needs of someone who has passed through this threshold.

That's where I come in to support.

As a Prenatal & Postpartum Chef 

I specialize nourishing new mothers & families 

My work is upheld by a backbone of studies in Ayurveda, herbalism, women's medicine, cooking, and more. My work as a Postpartum Chef has been richly rewarding as I see first hand what a difference true nourishment makes in the wellness of someone giving birth. After years of honing my knives and apprenticing myself to the slow, time tested ways of making truly nourishing foods and medicines, I have learned something imperative:


It is vital that more people remember & receive this kind of care.


 Real delicious & real honest food that our grandmothers would recognize- that's how I work in my home and that's what I share. Following the wisdom of those who came before us and the tested evidence for how certain foods affect Mother and Baby, I help others learn how to cook for flavor and wellbeing. Due to the nature of my work and core values, I do not take on vegan or vegetarian clients. I'd be happy to tell you why if you would like to know more. 

Real honest & real good food that our grandmothers would recognize- that's the flavor of food I share.

If you want to feed you and your baby’s foundation of wellbeing

& you want to lick the bowl too,

I'm here to help.

"Kearsley supported me for 3 months postpartum. I adored her warm presence and how I could rely on her food to always be nourishing, locally sourced, and interwoven with healing herbs in a truly beautiful and delicious way. Being nourished to this level was an absolute blessing- every mother deserves such care & I recommend her with a full heart (& belly!)" 

::Ash Cheney::

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Let's Work Together


Hire me as your Prenatal or Postpartum Chef and rest in knowing you will be well nourished.

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 Check my "Classes" page to see upcoming offerings, including my 3-month program Mother Mammal: Nourishing the Animal Body of a Mother

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 A private or business mentoring package for anyone interested in expanding their services to nourish new mothers and families.

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