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Postpartum Weekend Intensive 

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Practice the vital art of postpartum caregiving

Three days of in person learning on the craft of nourishing a new family postpartum. Together we will dive into physiology, hands-on practice, cooking, ritual, and council circles.

This intimate in-person event focuses on three main pillars of support:

✵ Food as Medicine ✵

✵ Ritual ✵

✵ Re-Villaging in Modernity ✵

This event is the culmination of our personal and professional experience supporting the postpartum period, learning what truly works and how to adjust plans  for each family. We've dialed in the nuance around how to select healing foods based on the individual's body, formulating restorative care plans, sinking into the wide gap between what is needed for postpartum recovery and what is commonly provided. Birth is as unique as each person and it is invaluable to have the skills to  assess, create, and serve with care. 


 Like you, we unshakably know how vital postpartum care is.  This weekend is full of perspectives, approaches, techniques, skills, & hands-on experiences that will create a foundation of confidence to serve your wider community.

Postpartum work is sacred work.

Come gather around the table with us.

Our capacity as a culture to reorient towards life affirming ways is dependent upon how we story, protect, and nourish mothers & families during birth and postpartum

What you'll gather from this

--Nutrition, metabolism, digestion, & nervous system health

-Understanding & responding to biological blueprints

-Art of postpartum cooking for flavor & restoration

-Skill in modifying recipes, remedies, & rituals

-Networking with other birth professionals

-Extensive resources for further learning

-Intimate container and one on one time

-Hands on practice and direct feedback

-Confidence to serve your community

-3 days of information & experience

-Creating networks of care

-Art, Beauty, & Council


Together We'll Explore:

Postpartum Food

Ayurvedic Approach

Postpartum Nutrition  & Herbalism

Custom Recipe Formulation 

Metabolism, Digestion, & Nervous Systems

Cooking Class...& Shared Meal!



Closing of the Portal

Mother Milk Bath 

Belly Wrapping

Herbal Remedies & Steams

Placenta Mysticism & Artwork



Birth Storying 

Council Circles

Integrity in Care

Taking The Next Steps

Facilitated By Kearsley Tate & Zuri Snow

Location Information

This weekend intensive will be held on Zuri's land outside of Atlanta Georgia. If you are traveling from out of town, please reach out to us so we can help  arrange your stay. 

 Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions

Postpartum care is vital across all cultures.

When we tend to the needs of a postpartum family, we mother the mother, and in turn open space for the whole family to be nourished on many levels.  There were once people in all of our families, hopefully not too far back, who knew the ways of belly binding, root simmering, and warmth tending. Our work as postpartum and birth tenders looks a lot like digging up these gems our ancestors seeded for us and then creatively re-imagining some pieces of our approach to adapt to the times we are living in. 

The dialogue is rich like broth & we can't wait to sip on it together.



Opening Circle  //9- 10am

Session 1 //  Nutrition & The Body  //10-1 p

Lunch //  1-2pm

Session 2  // Placenta Care ,Physiology, & Ritual // 2-4pm

Placenta Burial// 4-5pm 


Morning Tea & Herb s // 9-10am

Session 3 //  Recipes & Remedies  // 10-1pm 

Lunch //  1-2pm  

Session 4  // Mother Body Rituals // 2-4 pm

Group Ritual// 4-5pm 


Morning Practice // 9-10am

Session 5//  Cooking Class // 10-1 pm 

Group Lunch with Postpartum Mothers // 1-2pm

Hands-On Practice // 2-4pm 

Integration Council & Closing Circle // 4-6pm


Sliding Scale from $375-$750


We recognize the difference in access and equity to resources and offer this program on a sliding scale with payment plan options to accommodate for that. If you would like a payment plan, please email to set one up with no additional fee. 

Please place yourself along this range based on what you are able to afford and budget for .  The median price is suggested to help cover the full cost of hosting this class. 

Tickets include weekend intensive, snacks, & nourishing organic & pasture raised meal on Sunday

Assist // $375-$500

Please select this range if you have limited access to resources like cars, stable housing, savings, employment, or are a BIPOC member of our community. 

Sustain // $500-$650

This is the median range that covers the cost of our training. Please select this if you have access to resources like consistent work, stable housing, expendable income to buy things like books, clothes, concert tickets, and consistently can afford your basic needs.

Full Support // $650-$750

Please select this price range if you come from a financially stable situation, afford annual time off from work, have a savings cushion, or own property such as a home, rental, or land.

  • How do you describe your style of cooking?
    My style of food can best be described as local and seasonal. Many of the ingredients I source come from local farmers markets or have been wildcrafted in the area known as Asheville, NC, ancestral home of the Tsalaguwetiyi. I am also deeply inspired by traditional cooking methods, metabolically & nutritionally dense foods, & hyper-local cuisine that connects people to place through the plate. The dining experiences I offer are spiced with my values for local ecosystems and economies, deep nourishment, & flavors rich in story. For my postpartum services, my style of cooking can be described as hyper local, nutritionally dense, warming, Ayurvedic, & crafted to restore the body after birth.
  • What do you charge?
    The cost of working varies depending on factors like the type of support needed, size of group, menu choice, & location. Reach out to me through my contact form to request a quote and we can begin planning something delicious together. If I have to hire on servers or food service professionals to support your event, there is an extra charge of $25/hour for servers. I have a $475 minimum fee for all private dining events
  • How do I book you?
    Send me an email through my contact form and please include the date, number of people, & occasion of your special dining experience. I will reach out to you soon after with a seasonal menu and we can create something special from there! Once we settle on the details, I require a 50% deposit to secure the date. Due to the nature of scheduling work as a Private Chef many weeks in advance, there is a $100 non-refundable fee included in your deposit.
  • How many people can you accomodate?
    I prefer to cook for families or parties of 15 or less, though I can accommodate for groups of up to 25.
  • Do you travel?
    Yes! I will travel by car up to 2 hours driving distance from Asheville, NC. Fees are totaled based on distance and mileage. I am also available to fly to your home or event space and share delicious meals for retreats and special events. Let's talk!
  • How can I prepare my home for a Private Chef?
    A clean kitchen, clear dishwasher, and available stovetop are my three main requests for working in any kitchen. I bring my own cooking supplies but I prefer to plate food using the plates and utensils in the home. If you do not have the number of dishes needed- that's ok! Let me know and I'll take care to bring enough for everyone.
  • Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
    Re-Schedule: Rescheduling dates must be done 5 days prior to schedule date and may result in a service charge. I do my best to accommodate flexible plans and find a date to dine together. Cancellation: In the event that you need to cancel, your initial deposit will be kept. If you cancel within 72 hours of the event, Kearsley's Kitchen retains up to 30% of your fee to cover the cost of ingredients and materials already purchased for your event. Thank you for understanding.
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